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Natural Pest Control & Inspection Service in Melbourne

Are you looking for natural termite treatment solutions without hurting the environment? Are the chemical toxins in chemical pesticides hurting your loved one? Are the so-called affordable pest control solutions from pest control companies ripping you off? Hilux Services provides the best home pest control and inspection services in Melbourne. Hilux Services is the best in the industry with unmatched efficiency in conducting organic pest control at affordable rates all over Melbourne. Natural pest control is essential today because:

  • Lower carbon footprint: Organic pest control uses materials which get rid of the pest without harming the environment or your loved ones with toxic chemicals.
  • Natural pest control solutions ensure that your plants are not exposed to harmful toxins and help keep your landscape healthy in the long term. Using chemical pesticides will hurt the plants in your garden
  • Pests are resilient and they can develop resistance to chemical pesticides over time. This decreases the efficiency of chemical toxins because pests pass on this resistance to their offspring. But pests are very unlikely to develop resistance to natural pest control solutions.

What Services Are Crucially Required inan Effective “Pest Inspection”?

One of the first things a homeowner looks for before buying a property is the presence of pests. It is their number one priority that the new home they are about to purchase is termite free and pest free. A report for a prior home pest control or pest management inspection suggesting that the home is free of pests has the potential to increase the value of a property significantly. A proper pest inspection checksfor the following issues:

  • Termite activity in the house
  • Damage due to termites
  • Increase in dampness
  • Activity of borers
  • Black and Whitewood rot
  • Insufficient drainage
  • Poor ventilation
  • Plumbing that is not up to standard
  • Leaks
  • Soil above the level of the floor
  • Quality of subfloor construction

We go above and beyond the call of duty by checking the quality of construction and solidity of the house because even if pests are not present right now, it may come later due to problems with the house. We want to ensure that your home will remain pest free long after the purchase has been done.

Why Choose Us for Pest Inspection?

Because we are the best in Melbourne! A properly conducted pest inspection will ensure that your home is pest-free. We are experts in this field with over 10 years of experience. Our word is our guarantee. Our 1000 successful projects with over 225 satisfied clients speak for themselves. Choosing Hilux Services for pest inspections is the first and only step you need to ensure a happy, safe, and pest-free home! We persevere relentlessly to ensure the homes in Melbourne are pest-free by conducting best in class inspection and control services. Our staff work 24×7 for all your needs.

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Call us right now at 0455 731 251. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at Let your homes be pest-free with Hilux Services, so get your free, no-obligation quote from us on the most cost-effective and efficient pest inspection services across the suburb of Melbourne, today!

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We Specialize Flow Pest Control

End Of Lease Pest Control

Are you looking for end of lease pest spray services in Melbourne? Pest control is essential after your house lease has come to an end because it is part of the lease agreement. Hilux Services offer exceptional pet fumigation end of tenancy and end of lease flea treatment to remove all sorts of pests from your leased home at affordable prices.

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Residential Pest Control

Are you looking for residential pest control services? Is the pest issue still prevalent in your home even after contacting your local pest control services? Hilux Services is here for you. We offer exceptional quality residential insect control and residential exterminators to take care of every kind of pest infestation imaginable that had the misfortune of being in your home. We are a team of residential pest control experts in Melbourne. We employ the latest and safest technology and advancements in pest control to annihilate any sign of pest in your home.

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Pest Disinfection Service

Pest disinfection is not something to be taken lightly in Melbourne. Most insects have the potential to carry diseases,which can endanger the health and safety of your family. It is not wise to take lightly the job of disinfecting rat droppings and conducting insect disinfection’s because they are linked to the hygiene of your household. That is why you should call the best pest disinfection specialists in Melbourne to take care of the problem for you. Hilux Services offer skilled insect disinfection expertise at competitive prices. We are equipped with the latest equipment and follow every safety protocol to ensure that no one is harmed, except the pests. We only use non-toxic pesticides because we have the safety of your family at heart.

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  • Competitive Pricing
  • Skilled Pest Control Experts
  • 24×7 Availablity
  • Serving Melbourne-Wide