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Commercial areas like offices and public centres always bustle with human activities. Unknown to most of us humans, there often is a bustle of pest and insect activity as well. Over time, the infestations grow and come to the notice of people, and that’s when people call for pest control services. The importance of commercial pest control cannot be overstated because there is a higher chance of spreading diseases and health issues due to pests.

Commercial Pest Control

Most insects and pests can bring disease-carrying pathogens, and they can be easily carried over to humans. The increased population in commercial areas accelerate the spread of these diseases through weak hand-to-hand hygiene and airborne transmissions. A commercial pest control service or a commercial pest management service removes all the pests from the area so that the chances of disease transmission is minimised.

What Are Our Commercial Pest Control Services?

The services offered by Hilux Services in commercial areas include:

  • Industrial pest control: Commercial regions are of high priority to us as pest control experts because we have a duty to the community to prevent the spread of diseases through pests.
  • Restaurant pest control: It is of utmost importance to ensure that the places we eat are hygienic and pest free. If parasites infect the food, there is a higher chance for the disease to spread compared to any other commercial areas.
  • Commercial fly control: Flies can disrupt general commerce and well being by being a public nuisance to everyone. A professional commercial pest disinfection service employs state-of-the-art techniques to find the origin of the problem and remove it.
  • Commercial exterminators: Rodents are nasty little creatures that can transmit diseases and cause epidemics like the bubonic plague. Professional services are lauded for their exterminators who can safely and efficiently take care of even the most persistent of infestations.
  • Commercial mosquito control: Mosquitoes are a menace and can spread dangerous diseases like dengue fever and malaria. It isessential to maintain hygiene in a retail space by calling a professional commercial pest management service.
  • Commercial kitchen pest control: Like restaurants, office kitchens are often bustling with activity, and every employer must ensure that the kitchens are safe and hygienic to prevent diseases.

Why Choose Us for Professional Commercial Pest Disinfection Services in Melbourne?

Hilux Services is one of the best commercial exterminators in Melbourne who uses the best commercial insecticides that are non-toxic to take care of every pest related problems that stand in our way. We boast a roster of experienced and highly trained exterminators who are passionate in their jobs and employ the best and safest equipment for the well being of people.

Call us right now on 0455 731 251 to know more about our premium quality commercial pest control services and book appointments. Alternatively, you can drop a mail with us at, and we will be happy to help. Our services are open 24×7, and we are more than capable of taking care of any urgent requests.

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  • Competitive Pricing
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  • Serving Melbourne-Wide