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Fleas are a huge menace in a household or any office space. They carry germs and microbes such as tapeworm larvae and spread them while they suck the blood of humans and other animals. Besides being unhygienic, they are well-known for spreading diseases like the bubonic plague, typhus, etc. Melbourne has a variety of fleas depending on the season and the geographical location. However, it is wise to engage in a flea treatment by hiring a flea removal service or a flea exterminator, as fleas can breed rapidly, leading to serious health concerns.

Type of Fleas Found in Melbourne

Some of the common varieties of fleas in Melbourne are as follows:

  • Cat flea– This is the most common flea in Australia, and it attacks humans, dogs, cats, and several other mammals.
  • Dog flea– This one is similar in appearance to cat flea but is more sparingly found. Dog fleas can attack several varieties of mammals.
  • Human flea– This is not a frequently found pest as hygiene standards in homes have improved. Human fleas are known to attack small mammals besides humans.

Is Flea Treatment Necessary?

Fleas are small, wingless parasites. They neither fly nor usually bite humans. Therefore, they are usually not responsible for serious health issues in humans. But it would be best if you control the flea population in your surroundings because:

  • Fleas are parasites that feed your pets’ blood to survive and cause a range of minor irritations to deadly conditions for the pets.
  • An increased flea population in residential or office environments can irritate humans and disrupt the regular flow of life.
  • Other than these direct effects, these parasites may carry tapeworm larvae and transmit them to your pets, leading to a tapeworm infestation.
  • According to modern research, fleas may become carriers of bacteria that cause “cat scratch fever” in humans.
  • In rare cases, fleas may bite humans, causing swelling in the face, mouth, and hands. If a flea has bitten you, seek medical treatment promptly.

Why Hire Hilux for Flea Control in Melbourne:

  • Quick and efficient flea exterminator service in Melbourne
  • Special strategies for house flea treatment and office flea treatment
  • A trained, certified, and highly experienced flea pest control team in Melbourne
  • Treatment and eradication of severe flea infestation
  • Use of strict safety protocols so that no harm comes to you and your family
  • Use of environment-friendly measures and practices
  • All the above at a price you won’t be able to reject
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    Specialties of Hilux Fleas Pest Control Service for Homes in Melbourne:

    • Hilux Pest Control is a leading Fleas pest control service based in Melbourne and can deal with all kinds of pest control activities.
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    • An environment-friendly organization, we use only eco-friendly and biodegradable products, which does not pose a health hazard to any form of life apart from pests.
    • Hilux Pest Control offers a lifetime guarantee for all our services, and we ensure to keep all our services pocket-friendly.

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