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Do you know Melbourne is home to approximately 4000 species of arachnids? Unfortunately, you will not know, and they will make their home right under your nose. Undoubtedly, spiders have an important role in our ecosystem, and they are not harmful unless frightened or accidentally touched. But again, who wants these unwanted guests at our most used arena, isn’t it?

Therefore, having spider control in Melbourne is highly essential for a safe living environment at home.

Type of Spider Found in Melbourne

Some of the common types of spiders found in Melbourne are as follows:

  1. Redback Spiders – They are more common in colder climates. While the male redbacks are harmless, one might require an anti-venom if bitten by a female.
  2. Whitetail Spiders – They are a common species, and their bites can be quite painful. Even though you may not require medical attention, the sting can last for a while.
  3. Black House Spiders- They are also a common species and are seldom known to become aggressive or attack.
  4. Huntsman Spiders – Despite their large size, they are harmless.
  5. Wolf Spiders – They aren’t deadly to humans, but they can still bite and cause uncomfortable symptoms.
  6. Mouse Spiders – They are medium-to-large spiders with painful bites but not generally dangerous.

Signs Of Spider Infestation

  • Primary indications of spider infestation are the visible spider webs in your property, in ceilings, corners, or untouched walls.
  • If you see bugs or insects at the property, chances are spiders are hiding near them to prey on them.
  • If you regularly inspect the least accessed areas of your property, you may see the spider’s movements, which will confirm the infestation.
Spider And Cockroaches

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    Why Spider Pest Control?

    Spiders are an important part of the world, but when they are inside the home or business, spiders can be seen as creepy and not something you want to have. This is when you should know more about how important spider control is for your home or business.

    • The first reason to get spider pest control is that spiders bite. Yes! Poisonous or not – it doesn’t matter. However, spider bites can be painful and irritating and inflict serious harm if not medically treated. Thus, keeping spiders out of your home lowers the chance of being bitten.
    • Spiders feed on other small insects. Hence, spiders act like an alarming factor that other bugs and insects have found their home in your dwelling. The best part of having a spider pest control is that it controls the appearance of other small bugs as well!
    • If Spider webs are very common in your house, then you need spider pest control right away! Spider webs are frequently in the unused corner of the house or even cabinets. No matter whether you live there or not. Therefore, pest control will yield you a permanent removal of those spider-webs effortlessly.

    Why Hire Hilux for Spider Control in Melbourne:

    • Quick and efficient spider exterminator service in Melbourne
    • Special strategies for different spider species according to their size, behaviour, and habitat.
    • A trained, certified, and highly experienced spider pest control team in Melbourne
    • Treatment and eradication of severe spider webs and infestation
    • Use of strict safety protocols so that no harm comes to you and your family
    • Use of environment-friendly measures and practices
    • All the above at a price you won’t be able to reject
    • 24*7 available at your disposal

    It can be hard to find the pest living inside your house, but not for us. Thus, providing you with nothing but a splendid spider pest control experience is our only goal.

    To know more about Hilux pest control or avail of our services, reach out at hiluxpestcontrol.com. Contact us today on 0455 731 251 for a no-obligation free quote on our services!

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      • Competitive Pricing
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      • Serving Melbourne-Wide